A typical session:

A typical session is conducted over the phone or via videoconference such as Zoom. It involves talking about and listening on my part, to what brings you to me. Together we may explore different kind(s) of meditations, Non-Dualistic Kabbalistic Healings and Journeying. 


I require a minimum three sessions to be booked because it is necessary to do so for better clarity, insight and continuity. 

60- minute session  $100

*with a three session minimum booking



Nondualistic Kabbalistic Healing 

Nondualistic Kabbalistic Healing (NKH) is a transformative healing modality integrating :

  • thirteenth-century Kabbalistic wisdom,

  • the latest theories in quantum physics,

  • twentieth-century psychological insights and

  • teachings of nonduality.

Nondualistic Kabbalistic healing is based on relationship. Relationship is the theme of our universe where everything and everybody is in relationship. We use the Tree of Life to represent this universal relationship between all that exists.  We work at the level of creation, not the human aura, not the chakras, but where energy is created.

During a healing session the healer listens to the client's complaints or questions from a Nondualistic Kabbalistic perspective. In the healing that follows the client can experience him or herself on a deeper level of awareness. During this profound connection between client and healer, healing occurs naturally.  

After Healing sessions it is possible that old complaints re-surface, or that you can feel a bit confused or tired. The fundamental shifts in your system need some time to find new balance. Sessions can take place in person once we no longer have to use precautions required by the Corona Virus pandemic.


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