Deniz Schildkraut, Nondualistic Healer - Reiki Master, PhD

Welcome to my healing practice.


I am here to listen to you and help you as best as I can. I bring with me my compassion and a caring nature. I am a traveler on the healing path myself.

 I am looking forward to the opportunity of making a difference for you.

May all beings find happiness.


- Nondual Kabbalistic  Healer - A Society of Souls 

- Work of Return (WOR) 

- Impersonal Movement I and II (IM 1 &2)

- Nondual Voyager Practitioner

- Holy Fire II Reiki Master Practitioner

- Homeopathy Certificate from The American Institute of Homeopathy

- Professional member of the International Center for Reiki Training

Coriolis Healing Philosophy


Healing takes place as a whole - mind, body, and spirit. Our bodies are designed to heal naturally. We need to trust this and get out of the way.  We easily get caught up in our histories, become prisoners of our thoughts, our resistance and fears because we are all human. All of this effects our health and well being.

My work is based on the non-dual teachings of Jinen Jason Shulman from A Society of Souls. As we embrace more of who we are—flaws and all, greatness and all—our longings and desires become trustworthy. It is then that we hear the Real Self calling to us and it is then the wild beauty of our heart has the courage to engage fully in life.

In our work together, let us explore the human journey, including our fundamental longing for wholeness and the walls we erect around our hearts, minds, bodies and spirit.


In my practice I work with different holistic modalities that include:

·         Reiki,

·         Homeopathy, 

·         Nondualistic Kabbalistic Healing and 

          Nondualistic Voyaging.


These modalities work regardless of a person’s belief system. They are independent of the practitioner’s beliefs nor do they depend on the client’s beliefs.

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